November 2017

Singapore: Inside Out Goes To Sydney

Nov 2017



Creative showcase Singapore: Inside Out took place in Sydney from 3 to 5 November. The showcase featured a selection of artwork and collaborative projects by 20 Singaporean and Australian creative talents across various disciplines, including the visual and performing arts, photography, design, music, retail and F&B.

Singapore: Inside Out Sydney was held at various venues, including Sydney's Old Clare Hotel at Kensington Street, within the trendy Chippendale precinct – a suburb known for being a creative hub and cultural destination.

Singapore: Inside Out Sydney will feature contemporary dance company RAW Moves, which seeks to redefine movement by experimental cross-disciplinary dance

The theme for Singapore: Inside Out Sydney is "Movement", to reflect on the creative process which entails different movements. The showcase also highlighted Singapore's multicultural society, which has inspired diverse practices and constantly challenges one's perception of what is generally assumed to be Singaporean.

Said Mr Lionel Yeo, Chief Executive of the Singapore Tourism Board: "We are delighted to share with our international friends a compact view of Singapore's burgeoning creative scene and celebrate the passion of our talents. Many of our guests were pleasantly surprised by Singapore's vibrant creative scene and discovered a refreshed perception of the city. We are confident that the showcase in Sydney will continue to spark future conversations and collaborations for our creative talents."

First introduced in 2015 as part of Singapore's 50th birthday celebrations, the showcase previously travelled to Beijing, London and New York.

At the helm of the Sydney edition is prominent Singapore architect Randy Chan, who is the event's creative director. The creative talents whose works were featured in Sydney include artist Donna Ong, who has been conferred the 2009 People's Choice award for the President's Young Talent Competition; artist Ezzam Rahman, recipient of the National Arts Council's Young Artist Award 2016; and Urich Lau, member of The Artists Village, and Instinctive (INSTINC Art Space).

Other creatives include Singapore Literature Prize-winning author Joshua Ip; filmmaker Kirsten Tan who is a four-time Silver Screen Award Nominee at the Singapore International Film Festival; internationally recognised designer Larry Peh; Michelin-starred Peranakan chef Malcolm Lee; and bartender Peter Chua, who placed top 6 at the Diageo Reserve World Class Global Finals in 2014.​

At the Angle of Repose, by 2012 President's Design Award recipient Clara Tan [Work in Progress]

Among the artwork was a site-specific installation, At the Angle of Repose, by 2012 President's Design Award recipient Grace Tan. The artwork consisted of over 2 million clothes tag pins assembled to form a visually-stunning display of plant-like proliferations.

Another featured piece, Video Car: VJ Co-op, was a collaboration between Singapore artist Urich Lau and Australian performance artist Stelarc. The artwork encouraged audiences to play the role of a video jockey using equipment installed in a functional car, with the windscreen displaying moving images, and the boot functioning as a VJ console.

Visitors to Singapore: Inside Out Sydney also enjoyed exciting partner events that showcased Singapore's vibrant creative scene.

The partner events included a live music showcase by The Music Society, Singapore (SGMUSO), featuring Singapore's musical talents – Sam Rui, Linying and MAS1A; as well as a design collaboration between Singapore scarf label Binary Style and architect-turned-shoe-designer label, Extraordinary Ordinary Day from Sydney. The collaboration created limited edition scarves featuring iconic architecture in both Singapore and Sydney, available for exclusive retail. There was also a retail pop-up that featured 13 handpicked Singaporean designers – a preview of Design Orchard, a showcase that profiles top Singaporean designers.

Those looking forward to some gastronomic excitement were not disappointed either, enjoying a dessert collaboration by Sydney dessert prodigy Reynold Poernomo and Asia's Best Pastry Chef 2016 winner Cheryl Koh; and mouth-watering delights by Malcolm Lee, chef-owner of Michelin-starred Peranakan restaurant Candlenut. Singapore artisan chocolatier Demochoco also teamed up with Kakawa Chocolate in Sydney to produce unique chocolate offerings inspired by local heritage from Singapore and Sydney. On a more savoury front, a four-hands collaboration between Eastside Kitchen and Fat Lulu featured their signature grills paired with tasty Asian spice marinades.

Well-loved Singaporean flavours were also featured on the menu at Sydney's Alex Lee Kitchen, with a three-day pop-up by Singapore's New Ubin Seafood. Featured dishes included Ribeye Beef with "Heart Attack Fried Rice", and Chilli Crab Rillette with Deep Fried Mantou.

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